15 Seconds to Snaredom! Competition

We have teamed up with to create a really cool competition for all of you! We are giving away a FREE custom made Snare Drum to the person who can create the best 15 second drum solo on Instagram. The 10 Finalists will be added to our Facebook page where the public can vote on who should be the winner! Last entries for videos will be on Friday 6th December with a winner being chosen on the Friday 13th December, lucky for someone just before Christmas!


We're looking to see your best 15 second drum solo effort posted on your instagram account!


Surpise us! We'll know what it is we're looking for when we find it. But the final decision will be for the public to decide at


For two weeks we (@drummingco and @supernovadrumco) will be watching video submissions. As videos catch our eye you might see them being shared on both the drummingco and supernovadrumco Facebook pages. These will DEFINITELY be in the running if they achieve 20 likes, but that doesn't mean you HAVE to be featured to be a contender (if there is an overwhelming response of quality submissions it would be prudent for us to not flood the facebook feed with shared instagram video posts).

After the two weeks it will be decided between drummingco and supernovadrumco the top ten finalists. These will be scheduled to post at exactly (5pm GMT : 6th December 2013) on the Supernova Drum Co. Facebook page ( where there will be one week of voting. Over the course of ten hours they will also be shared on the DrummingCo Facebook page. The one with the most likes in the voting week will be the winner of the custom made Snare! The contest will end on the 13th December 2013, with a winner chosen just in time for Christmas!


A custom made snare from Supernova Drum Co.!

The Snare will be :

A Full Birch Shell OR a Half/Half with Birch/Mahogany Shell.

12", 13" or 14" Diameter X 5", 6" or 7" Depth.

Either a Single Drum Wrap or Stain and Oil Finish.

Either Double Ended Tube OR Retro Lugs.

Either Chrome, Brass or Black Nickel Hardware added.

Fitted with either a Metal, Wood, Mirror OR Radiance Name Plate.

Either have an SR, Retro or Nickel Drumworks Strainer attached. For more details on SDCo. Snare options, go to :


* You need these 5 tags/hashtags on your post to be eligible: #drummingco @drummingco #supernovadrumco @supernovadrumco #15secondsolo

* Must be a new instavideo upload. Don't go hashtagging any old stuff. We want your beats served up fresh!

* You need 20 likes to qualify to get into the next round.


It will probably be best to have someone else film you with your camera. To get your 15 second performance in one take, with little shake.

You need 20 likes to qualify. Obviously from your followers, but you can also attract attention by hashtagging it with appropriate hashtags such as #drumming, #drumsolo, and hashtagging the brand name of your kit and cymbals.



Chapter 2...

Hey Folks! 

Thanks a lot for checking out the brand new SDCo. website! It's been a labour of love and I'm super happy it's done! I'd like to Thank Paul Wright at  for taking some amazing shots of the drums!


Enjoy the site Folks!